Hot Deal- Preis


The Hot-Deal Rate
for the night

is your advantage of pricing

The Hot Deal- Rate is right for you, if you know that your Date for the Event or your Order no longer Moves. This Knowledge also helps us in the reliable planning and availability of our House.

With the guaranteed Reservation you will receive the free Service when booking directly with us or on our Website, a further Discount of € 10,00 per Room per Day.


For guaranteed booking with the Hot-Deal Rate we need, as in all other Portals, deposit the Data of a valid Credit Card.

For Companies and Invoicing is possible by sending an costs Declaration.

The guaranteed Booking for Hot-Deal Rate can not be free canceled. 


Please contact us personally, if it has to go to an alternative solution.


                                                                                   The Hot-Deal Rate 

Category                                                                  Availability             Price
Single Room 1 Pers. from    68,00 €
   Single Room with extra Bed 2 Pers. from    83,00 €
Double Room 2 Pers. from    83,00 €
   Double Room single occupancy 1 Pers. from    78,00 €
Two-Bed Room 2 Pers. from    83,00 €
   Two-Bedded Room single occupancy 1 Pers. from    78,00 €
   Two-Bed Room with extra Bed 3 Pers. from    98,00 €
Tree-Bed Room 3 Pers. from  103,00 €
   Tree-Bedded Room with two People 2 Pers. from    98,00 €
   Tree-Bedded Room, single occupancy 1 Pres. from    88,00 €




  • All Prices are per night and include German sales tax.
  • At Hochheimer Festivals and Fairs all Prices may vary.

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